Ordering online blooms this Valentine’s? Think again

By Oliver Smith 9 February 2018
Image: Getty/RichVintage.

Few online flowers 'rose' to the occasion.

It’s the most loved-up time of the year but, if you’re hoping to truly impress the most important person in your life, maybe avoid ordering online.

While online flowers from the likes of Bloom & Wild and Moonpig have ‘blossomed’ in recent years, according to consumer group Which?, these online players were found to be a very ‘mixed bunch’ when their experts tested seven of them.

Apparently, it’s often better to buy that beautiful surprise bouquet in-person.

A very mixed bunch

The quality of online flowers was found to be… surprisingly variable – not exactly a risk you want to take on that oh-so-special day.

Ordering online with Marks & Spencer came bottom of the bunch as its Classic Roses Hot Mix came damaged, “by the end of the week most of the flowers had wilted and drooped”, oh, and they arrived an hour later than promised.

Bloom & Wild, the poster child for online flowers, was middling.

It’s ‘Cora’ bouquet failed to live up to its 7-day freshness guarantee so “the flowers didn’t last as long as we would have liked” and Bloom & Wild’s online images were slightly misleading as the roses arrived more pinky than you might expect.

Best of the bunch was Moonpig. Not typically well-known for its flowers, Moonpig’s 12 Red Roses “were still big and fresh after a week indoors” and came in second cheapest overall.

“Our investigation has shown that there are some high-quality rose bouquets available online that are likely to keep your secret crush smiling for a week or more but sadly some could leave you broken-hearted,” said Alex Neill, director of home products and services at Which?.

His advice to lovers this Valentine’s Day? Buy your flowers in person, if at all possible.

Not only will you be able to size-up quality on the spot, buying in person is also normally cheaper, plus “you’ll see your Valentine’s happy face when they receive them!”.

And really, isn’t that what Valentine’s Day is all about?