Better than Bumble? This app answers your sauciest questions

By Kitty Knowles 6 February 2018
Kiss. Image: Getty/CSA Images/Printstock Collection

How Zaboo beat Tinder and Bumble on the App Store.

Should I have a threesome? Does anal sex hurt?

How do I lure my shy partner into something a little more wild?

These are all very human questions you might have wondered at some point. But feeling comfortable enough to ask for the answer is another matter.

Zaboo is an app designed to help break this taboo – in fact, I’ve lifted all the questions above from its open forum. Many more are answered in the sex-themed content it publishes.

“We don’t know how to talk about sex and it is often this problem that drives upset in a relationship or for a single person,” says founder Ben Lambert.

“We want to inspire people to think differently, relax when it comes to the topic of sex and gain more confidence and balance in their life as a result.”

Zaboo the taboo

Founded last year, Zaboo already has 25,000 users – and even ranked above Tinder and Bumble on the App Store this New Year’s Day.

But it’s not Lambert’s first app. The founder started Zaboo after his Tinder-style Sextoii app took off in order to build better communication around sexuality.

Most Zaboo users are aged between 22 and 55, but Lambert says it’s really for everyone and anyone.  

“We want to help people in their quest for sexual happiness,” founder Ben Lambert says.

How it works

Right now, you simply create a profile to discover and read content, or to ask and answer questions.

Practical advice is offered by authors under sex positive titles like: ‘How to reignite sexual desire in your relationship’, ‘How to feel confident during sex?’ and ‘How to avoid scammers on dating sites’.

Don’t know what the ‘orgasm gap’ is? There’s an article that explains that. Don’t know what tantric sex is or how to enjoy it? Zaboo’s got your back.

And there’s the online forum for any unanswered questions you may have.

Soon, you’ll even be able to access Zaboo’s experts directly, asking them questions in their specific field, says Lambert.

The future

Today Zaboo is free for users – the company makes money by working with brands to promote products and events and is even considering bringing out a subscription box. 

Lambert’s also already raised around £300,000 to improve his apps with a wider variety of games and quizzes.

“In 5 years we want to be the leading platform helping people on their individual sexual journey.” he says.

“Hopefully Zaboo can help you be educated, have confidence, find products and events you want to find – anything that can make embracing your sexual journey more of a reality!”

Will Zaboo make it onto your bedtime reading list?