Tesla superpowers 25,000 family homes in world first

By Kitty Knowles 6 February 2018
Elon Musk. Image: CC/Dan Taylor/Heisenberg Media

That means free Tesla kit for lots of lucky people.

Where’s the best place to park your Tesla Model S car?

In front of your Tesla-powered home, of course.

That could soon be a reality for 25,000 homeowners in Australia who are this year set to be fitted with solar panels and Tesla’s new Powerwall 2 batteries.

The project’s being described as the first ‘virtual power plant’.

A Tesla Powerwall device. Image: Tesla.

How Tesla homes work

The idea is that this new Tesla kit will create a wide-reaching grid of homes that all produce clean energy and can feed any excess back into the national grid.

This could cut electricity bills by as much as 30%, its believed.

The best bit? The free technology is being given out courtesy of South Australian Government on the basis that it will make its investment back through electricity produced.

A pilot of 1,100 Housing Trust homes have already each been fitted with 5kW solar panels and a 13kWh battery, with plans for a further 24,000 to benefit late this year.

A Tesla grid in Puero Rico. Image: Tesla.

The bigger picture

It’s not the first time we’ve seen Elon Musk’s magic help regular people: last year he built a solar grid in Puerto Rico transforming the prospects of vulnerable communities in wake of Hurricane Maria.

South Australia is also already home to the world’s largest battery, again courtesy of Tesla (the 100MW complex is tied into a wind farm near Jamestown).

But Tesla is just one company hoping to democratise sunshine for the benefit of everyone.

We met one Australian company last year, called Power Ledger, which is using blockchain to make buying energy cheaper for people who don’t have access to solar panels themselves.

Other businesses with similar models include Spain’s Pylon Network and Slovenia’s SunContract. All three of these have plans to bring solar technology to UK and Europe.

Make no mistake solar will supercharge your home.

We can’t wait to park our electric car out front.

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