5 overpriced, phoney superfoods that are going to be huge in 2018

By Oliver Smith 19 January 2018
Image: Getty/Laures.

Supershrooms, avocado stones, and edible clay?

It’s a new year, which means new health food fads are sure to follow.

We’ve already looked at the bizarre diet fads which are taking off in the new year, like ‘raw’ water and coffee enemas.

But what weird things are people eating?

Last year it was purple vegetables, super salts and activated charcoal, so what does 2018 hold in store for the world of so-called superfoods?

Here are the 5 which are taking off among health aficionados:

Image: Getty/domoyega.

1. Avocado stone flour

Dumping all those avocado stones? You’re missing out on the best bit, according to some health food fanatics.

Honestly, flour made from the baked and then crushed stones of avocados is the hottest new superfood.

This allegedly ‘cholesterol lowering’ delicacy is making waves in wellness communities who are blending it into their smoothies or baking it in brownies.

Kickstarted last year by this viral YouTube video, avocado stone flour is a delicacy that money can’t buy (because it’s not yet sold anywhere online).

Better start saving those stones.

Image: Getty/kazoka30.

2. Hemp

Highly nutritious, loaded with vitamins, economical to boot, and nothing to do with the drug marijuana (hemp comes from a different variety of the Cannabis plant, one which has limited psychoactive properties).

Hemp has long been on the radar of British superfood fans – where hemp flour is used in baking, hemp seeds are put on salad and hemp oil is used in cooking – but it’s also in the midst of a wider global resurgence because of two key political changes.

The first is Australia’s legalisation of low-THC (the hallucinogenic in Cannabis) hemp seed foods, and the second is changing US legislation making the planting of hemp seeds legal.

These two changes mean the economies of growing hemp, which is already a hugely profitable crop with applications from paper to medicine, are getting even better.

Given this, you can pick up a 250g bag of hemp seeds from Holland & Barrett for just £3.29.

Image: Getty/Laures.

3. Clay

Forget kale, eat clay.

Yes, edible clays are growing in popularity.

You can’t actually digest clay, in fact that’s the point, but when a teaspoon is added to water it’s said to act as a detox cleansing your gut of toxins and heavy metals.

You can pick up a kilo of edible clay online for about £14, which won’t break the bank.

But given Wikipedia lists the common side-effects of eating clay as “nausea, slowed down absorption of nutrients from food and constipation”, definitely think twice before eating this.

Image: Getty/KulikovaN.

4. Flowers

No, not flour, flowers.

Whole Foods list edible flowers as this No.1 trend for 2018 as whole flowers and petals are being added to foods and drinks to give them a floral infusion.

Think lavender lattés and rose-flavored everything. Get started today with five edible roses for £24.

The perfect superfood for Instagram.

Image: Getty/Konoplytska.

5. Supershrooms

Chaga, reishi and cordyceps mushrooms are the latest trendy medicinal mushrooms.

These shrooms claim to be antioxidants, full of vitamins and minerals which also boost your immune system.

You won’t find them on the shelves however, instead these shrooms are the key ingredients in mushroom coffee – which you will start spotting on the menus of artisanal coffee joints.

If you want to get in on the fungal action at home, a box of 10 chaga coffee sachets can be found at Planet Organic for just £11.