Here are Amazon’s 13 new (& returning) original series you can’t miss in 2018

By Oliver Smith 16 January 2018

Don't forget the popcorn.

It’s going to be a big year.

Netflix might be spending $8bn on movies and TV series including its 29 Netflix Originals for 2018, but Amazon isn’t letting Netflix have all the action.

Amazon Prime Video is splashing out on original series of its own, with Golden Globe-winning Transparent returning (albeit minus lead actor Jeffrey Tambor) and the arrival of new series like FBI thriller Absentia and Jack Ryan, a new action series featuring Tom Clancy’s iconic character.

Here are our favourite TV shows that Amazon has currently confirmed:

Taken. Image: Christos Kalohoridis/NBC.

Taken (Season 2, action)

Based on the movie starring Liam Neeson, this series follows the earlier life of Bryan Mills (played by Clive Standen) after the killing of his sister.

Returns: 13 January

The Path. Image: Greg Lewis/Universal Television.

The Path (Season 3, drama)

Following Aaron Paul as Eddie Lane, a member of a new-age spiritualist cult known as Meyerism going through several crises of faith.

Returns: 18 January


Breathe (Season 1, psychological drama)

Amazon’s second India original, sees a maverick Mumbai cop tracking a series of unconnected deaths which lead to an unlikely suspect exploring the possibility of saving his dying son.

Arrives: 26 January


Absentia (Season 1, thriller)

An FBI agent, presumed dead, is found in a cabin in the woods after six years with no memory of the time she was missing. With her husband remarried and her son being raised by another woman, she struggles to put her life back together.

Arrives: 2 February

GRAND PRIX Driver (Season 1, documentary)

McLaren had a disastrous 2017 F1 season, this show lifts the curtain and looks behind-the-scenes at what happened and what life is like behind the wheel.

Arrives: 9 February

Mozart in the Jungle.

Mozart in the Jungle (Season 4, comedy-drama)

It’s sex, drugs, and classical music as Rodrigo De Souza, the eccentric conductor of the New York Symphony, returns in this award-winning series.

Returns: 16 February

The Tick.

The Tick (Season 1 – part 2, comedy)

The titular blue character is back for the second-half of this daft superhero series with a difference.

Returns: 23 February


UnREAL (Season 3, mockumentary)

A fictitious dating show within a show gives a glimpse into the chaos surrounding the production of a dating competition programme, ideal viewing for Love Island fans.

Returns: February

Jack Ryan.

Jack Ryan (Season 1, action)

Tom Clancy’s iconic CIA character returns in this new TV series. This time Ryan is an analyst coming face-to-face with a new generation of modern terrorists.

Arrives: 2018

Sneaky Pete.

Sneaky Pete (Season 2, drama)

After a con man tries to leave his old life behind by assuming the identity of his cellmate, Pete, things start getting complicated.

Returns: 2018

Manchester City Docuseries (Season 1, documentary)

Little is known about this behind-the-scenes look at the famed football club which charts its week-to-week happenings.

Arrives: 2018


Transparent (Season 5, comedy-drama)

Amazon’s flagship Golden Globe-winning series returns, albeit without lead actor Jeffrey Tambor who has left the show after multiple sexual harassment allegations came out.

Returns: 2018


Patriot (Season 2, comedy)

This Homeland-style comedy sees John Tavener go to extreme lengths on his mission to curtail Iran’s growing nuclear capabilities.

Returns: 2018

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