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How To Boss It Like… Tabitha Goldstaub, co-founder of CognitionX

By Oliver Smith 10 January 2018

These leaders are changing our world for the better. We find out how they get the job done.

There’s a select few business leaders and innovators in the UK who are changing the world.

From Elvie’s Tania Boler to Stowga’s Charlie Pool, these smart people get an incredible amount done, in an impossibly short space of time.

This morning we’re talking to Tabitha Goldstaub, co-founder of artificial intelligence consultants CognitionX.

Meet Tabitha Goldstaub

Goldstaub, an advertising graduate of London’s University of the Arts, met business partner Charlie Muirhead in 2010 when they founded online video group Rightster (now Brave Bison).

The duo launched and helped list the business on the London Stock Exchange, raising over £20m, before leaving to start CognitionX in 2015.

CognitionX is a “Ghostbusters helpline” for executives who need to better understand artificial intelligence and its impact on their business.

From sexism to gender bias, cyber security and automation, her team of experts have helped advise thousands of business leaders.

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A busy woman, with big ideas, The Memo asked Goldstaub how she gets it all done…

CognitionX's Tabitha Goldstaub.

What time do you get up, and what part of your morning routine sets you up for the day?

The alarm goes off at 6:11am.

I used to be straight on the phone (email, WhatsApp, Twitter, Slack, you name it) but now I have a new rule in place – I will only use the phone after I’ve actually chatted with my boyfriend and got out of the shower.

My own 15mins digital detox each day.

What apps or methods do you use to be more productive?

I’m not really a productivity-app person.

I hack existing tools like Gmail, my calendar and Google Drive, plus the new GNotes to make them work for me with reminders, flags and a wonderful colour coding system for meetings.

What smartphone do you have?

I have 2 phones. An iPhone 6S plus, Space Grey with 64GB and I use about 50GB of mobile data each month 🙁

And a Huawei Mate 10.

How many people, outside of family, do you meet in a day?

I see most of the 30 people in the CognitionX team. We’ve based at the Wayra Accelerator, so chat with roughly another 5 people including the lovely Rose on reception.

I have probably 3 external meetings with at least 2 people in them. And in the evenings I usually go to an event where I must meet at least 10 people in a room of 50+.

So 25 + 5 + (2×3) + 10 = 47 people…

What book have you read, either recently or in the past, that has inspired you?

This Christmas I read Talking to My Daughter About the Economy by Yanis Varoufakis and have been inspired to read more books about capitalism because, as he said: “the economy is too important to leave to the economists.”

Which reminded me of the quote by Karen Spärck Jones (told to me by Dame Wendy Hall) “computing is too important to be left to men.”

The overarching feeling for 2018 is not to let anything “be left” to others. We all have to take charge and own our own destiny.

What advice would you give for people who are eager to get into your industry?

Read, research, go to events and self-learn as much as possible, all the info you need is out there.

Once, and only once, you have a grasp on the AI industry and where you may fit, then email people you’d like a ‘point in the right direction’ or ‘leg-up’ from.

Offer your support in any way you think you can add value to them and then politely ask for some of their time.

When do you work until? Are you still sending emails in the night? Or do you have a wind-down routine?

I hide my phone at night to stop myself waking up all night to reply to emails… helps with my new morning routine too 🙂

What was your favourite childhood toy?

POGs – my brother and I loved pogs… still no idea what they do but we collected them all!

What do you think your industry will look like in 10 years?

In 2028 AI will be as mainstream as building a website is today.

Hopefully, we’ll have put in place the right structures to ensure a safe transition to a world where the use of AI is democratised and used to make industry, government, healthcare and society better.

In my industry, which is technically all about research, market analysis and horizon scanning, we’ll be onto market mapping products in the space race.

Come back next Thursday for our next #BossItLike interview, and get in touch if you know a business leader who’s also a productivity guru for us to talk to.