January is Future Wellness Month

By Kitty Knowles 2 January 2018
Welcome to Future Wellness. Image: CC/PeopleImages.

New year. New you.

Each month at The Memo we explore how technology is changing a particular aspect of our lives.

We’ve explored the world’s future habitats, dug into the future of food, and seen what your future shop looks like.

Now in the spirit of the New Year, we’re going to look at the tech that could shape the ‘new you’.

Time to fix up for Future Wellness.

Future Wellness

The way you keep fit, look after your mental and physical health is changing.

Which is why, this January, we’re going to introduce you to the must-know wellness trends and the people behind them.

Today we introduce Tania Boler – the women’s health leader who’s got millions of ladies playing mobile games with their vaginas.

We’re going to tell you about the ex-Googler on a mission to put a nutritionist in your pocket, and the British filmmaker who’s using video diaries to improve our mental health.

We’ll be testing the latest wearables, downloading the most hyped mindfulness apps and generally working out how to actually stick to those dastardly resolutions.

Are you ready to meet the new you?

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