A digital will is the perfect present for the person with everything

By Oliver Smith 6 December 2017

Nothing says ‘forever’ like a will…

Everyone has that rich relative. The uncle or aunt who wants for nothing, and is a nightmare to buy for.

Forget socks, chocolates or bottles of wine, Dan Garrett has the perfect present for the person with everything this Christmas… give them a will.

The gift of giving

“There are two fundamental truths this time of year,” Farewill’s CEO told The Memo.

“The majority of people are frantically trying to think of something to get their parents/lovers/sisters/brothers, and 2), it’s the slowest time of year for selling wills.”

That’s why Garrett decided to offer ‘Christmas wills’ for just £30 (typically £50) to encourage people to give the gift of, quite literally, giving.

As a reminder, Farewill is the digital service which lets everyone leave anything to anyone by quickly creating a will online.

“It’s definitely a not-so-subtle way to hint to older relatives that you’ve got your eyes on their crockery.”

On a serious note, Garrett’s mission is to save families the £9,700 that a will-less death typically costs once you count lost financial assets and the spiral of “death poverty” triggered by elaborate funerals.

The magic of Farewill’s wills is that they can be updated anytime, with a £10/year subscription that lets you make unlimited amendments without having to keep visiting a costly solicitor.

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Festive treats

This might all seem a tad morbid, especially in the lead-up to Christmas, but Garrett says Christmas wills are already off to a flying start.

“Our take on it is that in the UK people really don’t see death as a taboo, it’s just tough to start the conversation in the right way – especially with family,” says Garrett.

“But ultimately wills are about family and looking out for the people you love – which is why Christmas is such a good time for it – as novel as our approach may be!”

Farewill already had over 15,000 customers, but its Christmas wills have now helped another 1,300 customers sign up in the run-up to the holidays.

“For the right sort of person (who can deal with a little bit of morbidity), there’s nothing that says forever like a will…”

Truly the gift that keeps giving.