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Meet the future of learning from the Nordic Edtech Award

By Max Thielmeyer 4 December 2017
Image: iStock/RichVintage

Education meets innovation.

Five startups from across the Nordics, presented their visions for the future of learning to at the XcitEd event, in collaboration with Slush Festival in Helsinki.

Education tech (Edtech) is a hot trend, where innovators lend their expertise to make educating (or being educated) that much easier and effective.

The creation of the award shouldn’t come as a surprise, as the education systems in the Nordics are some of the world’s best, along with an established startup scene. The Memo knows this first hand, having reported for years from Oslo Innovation Week about everything from lab grown meat to ‘naked’ Hyperloop travel.

Swedish company Lexplore took home the inaugural award, but here at The Memo, we think all the finalists are worth celebrating….

Image: Twitter/lexploresweden

Lexplore – Sweden

Lexplore won the prize for their incredible eye-tracking software that helps parents and teachers diagnose children with reading problems at a young age. Rather than letting the children fall behind their peers, the software looks out for children that are struggling, so that they can get extra help.

The software has also recently expanded to the United States, where it’s been able to diagnose dyslexia much earlier than traditional methods.

Image: mightifier.com

Mightifier – Finland

Mightifier is an iPad app loved by kids and teachers alike. It aims to help young students with emotional and social skills, creating a more positive learning environment for everyone.

The app uses friendly, colourful characters to appeal to kids, and could become a helpful staple in the daily routine of classrooms everywhere.

Available in English and Finnish, Mightifier is firing on all cylinders to help make school a more caring, productive place to be.

Screenshot from www.matematikfessor.dk/

Matematikfessor – Denmark

Representing Denmark, Matematikfessor provides students with a fun, engaging way to learn maths.

With lessons from early education to university-level, this service is a great opportunity for students of all ages to master skills that would otherwise fill them with dread.

The service even offers an app for parents to follow their student’s progress through the lessons.

Image: Facebook/karaconnects

Kara Connect – Iceland

Hailing from Iceland, Kara Connect makes it easy for students with special needs to connect with special education teachers via computer or smartphone.

Kara Connect offers safe and confidential one-on-one help to anyone who needs it, but the implications for school systems are great; schools with little or underfunded special education can get the help their students need.

This service is great for schools, or anyone who might hesitate to get mental care in person.

EdTech Foundry – Norway

EdTech Foundry is the Norwegian company behind Differ, a powerful tool for students to connect and discuss their coursework.

Not only does it connect students in an engaging way, it also uses AI-powered chat bots that answer questions, generate discussions, and more.

It also acts as a medium for class groups to communicate with each other, boosting productivity and eliminating the hassle of exchanging contact details for large groups.

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