HQ Trivia is the quiz show invading smartphones this Christmas

By Oliver Smith 4 December 2017
Image: Getty/RichLegg.

Here are our 5 top tips.

There’s a quizzical app invading millions of iPhones this Christmas, and you should probably know about it.

It’s called HQ Trivia, and it’s like a live game show in your pocket.

Twice a day, at 3pm EST (8pm GMT) and 9pm EST (2am GMT), host Scott Rogowsky kicks off, reading 12 questions via HQ Trivia’s live stream to whoever’s ready to play.

You – and tens of thousands of others – have just 10 seconds to answer each multiple choice question.

Timing is crucial: get it right, and you’ll stay in the game. Get it wrong, and you’re bang outta luck.

Those lucky few who manage to successfully navigate all 12 questions win $1,000 divided between them (so 100 winners = $10 each).

Do you have to pay to play for a cash prize? No! (Yes, this seems like a dubious business model to us too).

So, if you spot people staring at their smartphones in a restaurant and furiously tapping away at exactly 8pm, now you know what they’re doing.

It’s both terribly addictive, and painfully hard.

If you still want to risk playing, here are our top HQ Trivia tips to stay in the game, make it to question 12, and beyond:

1. Grab a group

You’re pretty smart, but many minds make light work.

So grab two or three friends – ideally some with geography, arts, music or pop culture knowledge – and huddle around your smartphone.

2. Get connected

HQ Trivia is one of the most popular games in the world right now, which means the live stream often struggles with ‘buffering’ as it tries to cope with the huge demand.

Don’t make life any harder for yourself, make sure you’re well-connected to a strong wifi or 4G connection – 2 bars just won’t cut it.

3. Go greyscale

Last year we discovered how turning your iPhone black and white can dramatically boost your focus.

HQ Trivia is incredibly visually distracting, it’s multi-colour screen and chat window buzzing with hundreds of thousands of players talking is enough to make anyone’s mind wander.

Cut the colour and focus on what matters.

4. Get some extra lives

In a clever marketing move, for every person you sign up to HQ Trivia, you’ll get an extra life. So that when you get a question wrong, it’s not game-over… yet.

Therefore, it’s time to spam all your friends and spread the word!

5. Shh!

A controversial one, but the fact is that most people’s reading speed is faster than Scott Rogowsky’s speaking speed.

Therefore, mute your smartphone and focus on speed-reading the questions and answers, you’re likely to have a few crucial extra seconds to consider your answer.

The only exception is if you’ve followed our earlier tip and have assembled a quizzical team, in which case Rogowsky’s voice might still be the best way to relay the question to everyone.

Ready to get the family together this Christmas?

Update: As of December 4th, there are over 200,000 active participants competing for a cash prize currently at £6,329 ($8,500).