Welcome to Future Retail

By Kitty Knowles 4 December 2017
Welcome to The Memo's Future Retail month. Image: Getty/RossHelen.

'Tis the season.

Each month at The Memo we explore how technology is changing a particular aspect of our lives.

From September’s class on education to November’s healthy serving of future food, we introduce you to the must-know trends and the people behind them.

Now, in December, we’re hitting the shops (the digital and physical ones).

Get ready to learn what’s hot in Future Retail.

Future Retail

Today how you find, choose and try on clothes is changing. Even the days of queueing at a till to pay for goods are numbered.

So this month, we’ll be explaining the cutting edge trends shaking up your future shop.

We’ll be talking to leaders behind some of Britain’s best online boutiques like Trouva and

We’ll be downloading the apps revolutionising retail (we’ve already met Urb It, which delivers lovely luxury gifts in under an hour).

And we’ll be meeting rising retail stars striving to meet our modern day needs (like toucanBox, the craft kit subscription that’s raised millions).

Today, we introduce trend forecaster Katie Baron who explains five ways physical stores are getting high tech.

Are you ready to try on Future Retail for size?

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