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How To Boss It Like… Foodchain CEO Richard Murray

By Max Thielmeyer 9 November 2017

These leaders are changing our world for the better. We find out how they get the job done.

There’s a select few business leaders and innovators in the UK who are changing the world.

From Ada’s List co-founder Anjali Ramachandran to Tide’s George Bevis, these smart people get an incredible amount done, in an impossibly short space of time.

This morning we’re talking Richard Murray, a food expert and leader in efforts to shake up the food supply chain.

Meet Richard Murray

Richard Murray is passionate about fresh, high-quality food, and is striving to make it available for everyone.

He founded his current company, Foodchain Tech, in 2016 and is already connecting countless chefs to food producers in the meat, fish, dairy, produce, and dry goods industries. By cutting out the middleman, these chefs can use the freshest ingredients possible.

A busy man, with big ideas, The Memo asked Richard Murray, how he gets it all done…

What time do you get up, and what part of your morning routine sets you up for the day?

6am. Morning run, few sets of press ups and a cold shower!

What apps or methods do you use to be more productive?

I use Trello to manage my work and slack to communicate with my team and Calm to meditate.

What smartphone do you have?

I’ve just got a Google Pixel.

How many people, outside of family, do you meet in a day?

I like to spend the mornings at the office with my team, I meet 2-3 people in the afternoon and they will be customers, potential partners and investors.

What book have you read, either recently or in the past, that has inspired you?

I read novels to relax, the best book of recent years was A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara.

What advice would you give for people who are eager to get into your industry?

Find a company that has something that you love, be it a strong mission or culture rather than a specific skill, and then try to work in as many teams/functions in that company to get as broad experience possible.

When do you work until? Are you still sending emails in the night? Or do you have a wind down routine? 

I have a baby and a two-year-old who I like to see at bedtime so I tend to be home for 7pm so will then work afterwards to clear my inbox and complete my tasks, my day finishes at midnight with the dream feed! (bottle feed for the baby for those without children).

What was your favourite childhood toy?

I spent hours in the garden digging as a kid so probably my spade!

What do you think your industry will look like in 10 years?

Food supply will be transformed; a transparent system run by AI that enables producers, chefs and cooks to connect seamlessly making high-quality affordable food accessible to all.

Come back next Thursday for our next #BossItLike interview, and get in touch if you know a leader who’s also a productivity guru for us to talk to.