NichePhone-S: A dinky dumbphone to make you mindful

By Kitty Knowles 7 November 2017

Cute doesn't cut it.

When it comes to smartphones, Apple, Samsung, and Google are caught in a never-ending game of leapfrog.

Today, the world’s tech titans are desperate to put more and more capabilities into the palm of your hand, working to the mantra that if it isn’t ‘all singing, all dancing’, it simply isn’t good enough.

But recent years have also seen the rise of an alternate view – the idea that, to really live better, sometimes your phone should simply be a phone.

With its adorable dinky new dumbphone, Japan’s FutureModel is the perfect example of this.

It might look like a mini calculator, but could be a mindful godsend.

FutureModel's NichePhone-S dumbphone.

The NichePhone-S

The NichePhone-S is an adorable Android phone that offers just a few stripped back functions – like making calls and sending texts.

Hitting the market on Friday (10 November), its tiny raft of features include the ability to make voice recordings, play back music, and connect to Bluetooth headsets.

The idea is you use it for the bare necessities, before stashing it away like a credit card and forgetting about it.

It’s going to cost around $95 – not much for peace of mind.

The Niche has competition in the Light Phone.

The competition

If this sounds appealing, you’ll be pleased to know the Niche isn’t the only phone hoping to bring calm into your life.

Nokia famously re-launched its 3310 model this year for those yearning for simpler times.

Switzerland’s Punkt is the company behind a hardcore minimalist mobile phone built to last 100 years.

While another bank card-sized device, the Light Phone (also unveiled this year), only lets you make phone calls. Nothing else.

Those trying to kick their smartphone addiction for good can even go extreme: the makers of the NoPhone insist their completely feature-less product is “no joke”.

We know the smartphone is in decline.

Time to embrace the age of ‘dumb’?