Organise your screen

Magnet – the 99p app that transforms your Mac

By Shreyes Balebail 12 October 2017

The smartest money you’ll spend today.

Have you ever sat down to try and work at a really messy desk?

Papers, books, photos, pencils, and rubbish all blocking your precious desk space, and making concentration impossible?

So if you can’t work at a messy desk, how can you work with a messy computer desktop?

That’s what Magnet solves in seconds, all for just 99p.

Why get it

We all have that friend, or in my case my mother, who doesn’t organize their windows on their laptop or desktop.

It’s just a clutter of random windows overlapping which forces her to click through a bunch of windows until she finally finds the cute dog picture she wanted to show me.

On a more serious note – many of us need to multitask at work. Whether it’s keeping an eye on your inbox, or working between multiple tabs, we need a smarter way to keep on top of things.

Magnet in simple terms, helps keep your desktop organised by adjusting windows and snapping apps into smart positions.

How does it work?

Magnet lets you drag a window, use keyboard shortcuts, or choose from the menu bar to “snap” windows to different parts of the screen.

This keeps your screen clean and organised and makes you more productive. Magnet works effortlessly with up to 6 screens and makes changing between different Spaces or monitors a breeze.

For the Microsoft faithful, Magnet works very similarly to how “snapping” on Windows 7, 8, and 10 works. For some reason MacOS has not had any features like this but luckily Magnet fills that void.

No longer are your windows a mess, Magnet lets you customise the layout of nearly any app, so you’ll never have to struggle with losing them ever again.

But why spend 99p on something that just moves your window?

Imagine how efficient your procrastination can be now! You can have YouTube playing in the bottom left of the screen while you browse Reddit on the top half of the screen all while iMessaging your friend on the bottom right of the screen.

Should you buy it?

Yes – you won’t be disappointed.

At this price, it’s a no-brainer. This could possibly be the best 99p I’ve ever spent.

The time and effort it has saved me by letting me effortlessly swipe a window to the side and letting Magnet do the heavy lifting by perfectly aligning it would be worth £10.