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These top digital services will help you refurbish your home

By Oliver Smith 11 October 2017
Image: andresr/getty.

Join the renovation nation.

Looking to spruce up your digs with an extension, a lick of paint, or just need a new boiler?

In years gone by, home improvement was the domain of either expensive builders or DIY diehards.

But today, with the help of apps, services and modern technology, home improvement has never been so easy.

These are our top digital services to help you refurbish your home:

1. Houzz Interior Design Ideas

The first thing any good home improvement needs is a good idea, and Houzz is the place to start.

With more than 15m photos of homes, hallways and various rooms, Houzz is a kind of Pinterest for home design.

Find ideas you love, collect them into a board, and figure out which designs might work for you.

2. Dulux Visualizer App

Once you’ve got a clear idea, it’s time to see if it’ll work, and a good place to start is the walls.

Luckily Dulux has a great way to figure out if that new shade of cream will clash with its augmented reality app.

The Dulux Visualizer App lets you pick the colours you want, take a picture of your room and repaint the walls, all without ever getting your hands dirty.

3. Buildpath

Designing and getting planning permission for an extension is a tedious process, one that can cost thousands before your application is rejected on a technicality.

After revolutionising home cleaning with Hassle, Alex Depledge (centre, left) is on a mission to fix home improvement with BuildPath.

The service will take you from idea to concept for just £250, and all the way to planning application for less than £1,000 and in less than three days.


Image: Getty/elenabs.

4. Hometree

Buying a new boiler is fraught with pain. Even the thought of letting a pushy plumber into your home for a quote is enough to turn most off of the idea.

That’s where Hometree comes in.

The service lets you book an appointment online, offers boiler consultations by video chat, and has transparent quotes that are on average £1,000 cheaper than local plumbers.

It’s win-win-win.

5. Handy

There are some jobs that need an expert, whether that’s furniture assembly, painting, picture hanging or TV mounting.

And that’s where Handy comes in.

While Handy may have started out as a home cleaning service, it’s now branched out into the DIY domain with handy-men and handy-women here to help.

With all these digital tools, there’s never been a better time to spruce up your home.