How a £20 gadget is helping drivers shave millions off car insurance

By Oliver Smith 22 September 2017
Image: Getty/bowdenimages.

It's a no-brainer.

With the cost of car insurance rising – the average policy price has risen 12.9% in the last year alone to £680 – you might be on the lookout for any way to save money.

Millions of drivers have found a way.

Using a cheap gadget that can be bought on Amazon for as little as £20 and which can slash your insurance costs by up to 20%.

Welcome to the world of dash cams.

Image: Getty/ mari_art.

Get a dash cam

These tiny cameras are either attached to your rear view mirror, dashboard or windshield and record everything going on in front of your car.

Now footage of your commute to work probably isn’t gonna go viral on YouTube, but for insurers it’s pretty valuable.

Had a minor bump, now they’re claiming for whiplash? A ‘cash for crash’ driver claiming you were in the wrong? Or even just another driver disputing your account of events?

Dash cam footage solves all these things.

In fact, Admiral Insurance says it hasn’t taken a single case involving dash cam footage to court this year, potentially saving it thousands in legal fees, savings that can be passed back to drivers.

And drivers are noticing the difference, Halfords says dash cam sales have more than doubled in the last year, to the point where one in ten cars on the road is now recording.

With more and more cameras watching what’s happening on the roads, honest driving is the only option.

That’s good news for everyone.