Too Good To Go makes food sharing money-smart

By Kitty Knowles 14 September 2017

A financial incentive can go a long way.

There’s enough food to feed the world. So why are people still starving?

Today we’re seeing more and more entrepreneurs ask this question, with the apps like Olio and Unsung making it easier to share your unwanted food.

“There are a lot of organisations that do tremendous work,” said entrepreneur Mette Lykke, when we met her at Tech BBQ last week. “But these also very much relying on a few ambassadors, people who are really idealistic about it.”

It’s with this in mind that she took the helm as CEO of Too Good To Go.

“We give our stores a financial incentive to share, which is a surefire way to make sure they keep doing it,” Lykke explains.

Too Good To Go makes sharing worthwhile

Founded in 2015 in Copenhagen, Too Good To Go has grown rapidly, now existing in six countries (Denmark, Norway, the UK, France, Germany and Switzerland).

Unlike other food sharing businesses that encourage consumers to give away the unwanted contents of their cupboards, it targets cafes, shops and restaurants – empowering them to make a profit by simply reducing their leftover meals by between 50% and 75%.

Those in search of a bargain simply download the Too Good To Go app to see where they can pick up cheap grub, everyone from Co-op and Yo! Sushi to your favourite local deli and bakery on board.


It’s a model that’s clearly working, with Too Good To Go recently passing nearly 2m downloads this year.

Its 4,000 active stores have saved a whopping 1.6m meals.

“Right now we’re focused on getting more stores on boards,” says Lykke. “They should take full advantage of having more customers in stores and use this to show them what they have, and how great it tastes!”

“What makes Too Good To Go sustainable is it’s a win-win concept,” says Lykke.

Who doesn’t love it when everyone wins?

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