Here’s how to filter out Apple’s iPhone Event from your Twitter

By Oliver Smith 11 September 2017
Image: NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP/Getty Images.

Or the Royal Baby, or anything you like.

There are two kinds of people.

Those who are are psyched about Apple’s next iPhone and all its exciting new features, and those who couldn’t care less.

For the latter, the next few weeks are going to be tough.

Endless previews, reviews, commentary, picture galleries, reactions, emotions, hot takes, then scandals and sales figures. It’s overwhelming, even for fans.

But what if you could eradicate Apple from the web (or the Royal Baby, or Bake Off…), from Twitter, Facebook, and more, at least for awhile, until things calm down?

Here’s how:


Thanks to a recent update Twitter now offers advanced filters on its smartphone apps.

Simply go to your notifications tab, and tap theicon and finally ‘Muted’.

Here you can add as many words as you like and any tweets containing these will be expunged from your timeline and notifications.

We recommend keywords like “Apple”, “iPhone 8” and “iPhone X” are a good place to start.


Facebook is a bit trickier – especially on mobile where filtering is currently impossible.

On Chrome it’s a bit easier, just download the Rather extension.

Rather won’t just let you banish content with the help of a few keywords (see above), but it’ll also replace said content with delightful pictures from Instagram, like cats.


Leaving the walled gardens of Facebook and Twitter? Worried about being bombarded with links to iPhone coverage?

Fear not Googler, by using some advanced Google search modifiers you can ensure not a whiff of Apple news invades your results.

Attaching “-Apple” or “-iPhone” to the end of your searches will simply exclude Apple-centric articles from your results.

How delightful.

The rest of the internet

It’s the wild west out there, and nothing will keep you 100% safe, but you can take precautions.

Filter by WOT is a Chrome extension which lets you filter and block entire pages based on keywords.

It’s not as elegant as Rather’s cute cat pics, but it’ll make do if you’re desperate.

Hopefully this little guide will help you maintain some sense of sanity over the next few weeks, amid a torrent of Apple news.

See you on the other side!