Clothing kids will never grow out of wins Dyson Award

By Oliver Smith 7 September 2017

Parents, rejoice!

They just grow up so quickly.

24-year-old Imperial College London graduate Ryan Yasin found that out after his sister’s newborn outgrew the clothes he sent them in no time at all.

Rather than feeling the frustration and cost that every parent feels, Yasin decided to do something about it.

Ryan winner James Dyson Award UK 2017

Meet Petit Pli

The idea he came up with is that children’s clothing should be dynamic, while adult’s clothes should remain static, so kids clothes can adapt with their rapid growth spurts.

“Typically when people think of technology and fashion, they think of putting LED [lights] into dresses, but what I want to do is enhance the human ability, mixing technological manufacturing methods with fashion,” says Yasin.

Petit Pli was his creation, a range of clothing where each item can comfortably fit a child from six to 36 months old, as the pleated design means they can stretch both horizontally and vertically.

Not only are the kids’ clothes clever and good-looking, they’re also practical being windproof and waterproof.

Future leaders

This morning Yasin was named winner of the James Dyson Award, run by British entrepreneur Sir James Dyson’s charitable Dyson Foundation, and received £2,000 prize to continue developing Petit Pli.

Yasin joins the coveted Dyson Award alumni which include the brilliant team at Open Bionics, building 3D-printed prosthetics, and Isis Shiffer’s EcoHelmet, a cheap collapsible cycling helmet.

But Yasin says Petit Pli is only the start:

“I aim to be a leader in the field of technical garments; pushing the ability of humanity through their second skin, whilst retaining ethical considerations and reducing the negative impacts of the fashion industry.”

We can’t wait to see what he comes up with next.