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Post-millennials are craving that physical touch

By Oliver Smith 4 September 2017
Image: Getty/wundervisuals.


Conventional wisdom would suggest that Generation Z – that is, young people born after 2000 – want to live, work and shop entirely online.

But, in fact, that might not be true.

Instead, unlike older millennials, 25% of Gen Z actually want to go to stores to buy a new smartphone, 45% said they’d never buy a new phone without seeing it in person first and a whopping 58% would only buy a new phone contract in-person.

It’s a physical revolution.

Digital, back to physical

The research, from EY which surveyed 2,500 consumers, corroborates the trend we’ve seen of digital companies coming back to the high street.

“Despite the death knells being regularly sounded, the high street still plays an important role in purchasing, particularly for the youngest and oldest generations of consumers,” said EY’s TMT leader Rahul Gautam.

At the same time, Amazon is opening book stores, grocers, and now owns Whole Foods on the high street.

Forget virtual reality, immersive experiences like ‘escape rooms’ and ‘haunted houses’ are booming in popularity – even Disney is planning a Star Wars hotel and a range of new ‘Storyverse’ parks which make you a character in a real life story.

While digital brands like Shoes of Prey and Wonderluk are opening stores and setting up pop-up shops.

Even Not On The High Street has been coming to the high street via its Christmas markets.

The future’s coming, and it’s physical.