Welcome to Future Learning month

By Kitty Knowles 1 September 2017
The Memo's Future Learning month dives into education. Pic: Getty/ eli_asenova

It's time to get an education. Future Learning has arrived.

Each month here at The Memo we explore how technology is changing a particular aspect of our lives.

From July’s trip into future travel to August’s deep-dive into health, we introduce you to the must-know trends and the people behind them.

This month, it’s time to smarten up:

It’s all about the future of education.

Future Learning

Yes, we are going back to school – exploring the cutting edge tech of the classroom, what’s helping students and teachers achieve more, and how the very subjects we’re studying are shaping our future.

This isn’t just about the hot new apps kids are using, but how virtual tools are impacting higher education, and why its never too late for anyone of any age to learn.

We’ll be finding out how Scotland’s Sumdog games have switched millions of deprived kids onto maths, how Prodigy Finance getting more students into university that ever, and why Highbrow can help you pick up new skills around your hectic day job.

We’ve already introduced the inspiring Kathryn Parsons of Decoded coding bootcamp, and will be speaking to other leaders in digital education, including the likes of advisor and TED speaker Sir Ken Robinson and Financial Times columnist-come-founder of Now Teach, Lucy Kellaway.

Have you got your thinking cap at the ready?

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