Hanx: British duo create ‘world’s first luxury male condom for women’

By Kitty Knowles 25 August 2017

"We challenge you to find any condom like ours."

Do you carry condoms?

If you do, that doesn’t mean you’re a dude – today lots of women consider their sexual health solely their own responsibility. And that’s great.

Women buy condoms, carry condoms, and use condoms.

So why are all the big brands still marketed at guys?

Condoms ‘for women’

Now don’t get us wrong – the idea of dressing something up in pink (and often hiking prices) to make it ‘for women’ isn’t cool.

But we can also see why ladies get annoyed when objects bought and used by both sexes remain packaged for men.

When you walk into the pharmacy do you pick up condoms labelled with Trojan’s tough guy Greek soldier?

Or Lifestyles’ hyperbolically macho ‘Ultra Studded Extreme Sensation’ wares?

Even brands that appear less gendered like Durex and Four Seasons have been blighted by horrifically sexist ads. We get why women might not want to spend their money with them.

Meet Hanx

All this is why entrepreneurs Farah Kabir & Sarah Welsh have launched Hanx, which they describe as ‘the first luxury male condom designed with women in mind’.

“Right now condoms are available in masculine and garish packaging, geared towards men. They’re found in the most inconvenient places, either behind a counter or next to the pregnancy tests,” financier Kabir told The Memo.

“Our condoms are luxuriously packaged and you will only find us online and in places intuitive to women.”

In future that might mean in your hotel’s ladies toilets, in a shop aisle alongside luxury products, or even in your favourite erotica shop.

Can an old dog really learn new tricks?

Hanx’s founders are defiant that Hanx is not just the same old thing repackaged:

“We challenge you to find any condom like ours,” says Kabir.

“Our condoms are premium both aesthetically and physically, and in focusing on women we are disrupting the industry as we know it.”

It’s about giving women more choice over what they put in their bodies, says Welsh, who’s also a doctor working in gynaecology: “The lack of natural options out there was a real shock,” she explains.

“Our condoms are the best in every aspect: they’re made from 100% natural and fair-traded latex, which is vegan friendly, as well as being ultra-thin and clean scented. None of this strawberry flavoured, ribbed and dotted BS.”

And it doesn’t hurt that they come packaged in a small, sleek, subtle box, that wouldn’t look out of place in a designer store like Liberty’s or Selfridges.

“The packaging is neutral yet luxurious,” Welsh says.  “A great addition to your handbag that doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb.”

The ethos

The only downside to all this is that as a premium female product Hanx retails at premium female prices, costing nearly twice as much as a standard over the counter condom pack (ugh).

That means that if you subscribe, a pack of three costs £5.10, while a pack of three standard Durex from Boots costs £2.99. Given that Hanx are vegan however, a fairer comparison might be Glyde’s vegan three-pack, which comes in at over £7.

Whether you see the hike as a ‘pink tax’ or a ‘vegan tax’, or simply a fair price for Fair Trade rubber, you’re still going to end up paying top dollar for your stylishly packaged feeling of sexual empowerment.

One can’t help but wish there was a great condom company targeting women at equivalent prices.

Will Hanx’s premium promise win its way into your bag?

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