Neighbourly network Nextdoor now wants to sell your house

By Oliver Smith 10 August 2017
Nextdoor CEO and co-founder Nirav Tolia.

Watch out Zoopla.

Earlier this year we called Nextdoor the “ultimate social network for local gossip and curtain-twitchers”, but now the neighbourly network has a new trick, it wants to sell your house.

For the uninitiated, Nextdoor is like Facebook for your street, where you can get to know your neighbours, organise meet-ups, advertise services and sell your unwanted stuff.

With 50% of all homes in San Francisco already signed up, 80% of all US neighbourhoods signed up, and huge growth across the UK after it merged with local rival Streetlife, it’s not surprising that some homeowners are finding innovative ways to use Nextdoor.

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Safe as houses

One of these novel ways is to buy and sell homes – as it’s easy to see a house you like and get in touch with the owner on Nextdoor to see if they’re interested in selling.

A private sale like this can also cut our estate agents and save both parties a lot of cash.

But Nextdoor isn’t content to let money change hands without trying to take a slice – it is a business after all – now it wants to enter the property game.

So Nextdoor is launching a dedicated section for people to list their property, it’s selling advertising for estate agents to sponsor sections and letting agents and other property professionals create business pages to promote their services.

“The idea is to formalize behavior that’s been happening organically,” says CEO Nirav Tolia. “These real estate conversations are already happening.”

If that sounds a lot like Zoopla or Rightmove, it is, but it’s only in the US for now.

Tolia says there’s scope for property experts to play a role on Nextdoor, indeed they’re the biggest creators of profiles on Nextdoor after pet sitters.

So the next time you sell, maybe check-in Nextdoor first.