The Ario smart lamp shines coloured light to help you sleep

By Kitty Knowles 8 August 2017

Red light relax, blue light rising.

Who’s the light of your life? Your kid? Your partner?

You might just have to make room for another great love – because Ario wants to help you walk on sunshine every day.

Meet Ario

With its smart lean stem and wide shade, the Ario lamp wouldn’t look out of place in Habitat or on

But Ario is a designer lamp with a difference.

“Humans evolved over millions of years under natural sun patterns,” CEO and co-founder Brian Hoskins tells The Memo.

“Today’s artificial lights throw off our natural body clocks, disturbing our sleep at night and affecting alertness and mood during the day.”

So Ario emulates the natural rhythms of the sun.

“Ario is the only light that adjusts direction, colour, and intensity to support our natural hormone production, helping improve sleep, focus, and mood.”

How Ario works

Hoskins was inspired to build the company when his inventor neighbour (and friend of 12 years) Dale Dell’Ario brought a mock-up device to his house two years ago.

Based on 15 years of scientific research from Harvard Medical School and NASA, Ario’s red-toned evening light supports production of melatonin to help you relax and prepare for bed, while its blue light sunrise alarm helps to wake more naturally, stimulating the production of the energizing hormones cortisol and serotonin.

It’s capable of automatically tailoring its settings to your schedule, whereever you live, whatever the time of day – taking everything from seasons, to daylight savings, and the weather into account.

All you need to do is to connect Ario to your home’s WiFi, allowing it to start collecting data from your environment and life patterns.

“Ario learns about you using onboard sensors, user interaction, and environmental cues to adjust light,” Hoskins explains.

“Your wakeup time, daily activities, and bedtime are all important clues in how we determine which light is appropriate to you.”

Want to feel like ray of sunshine?

The future looks bright for Ario.

It’s already raised two funding rounds, it’s installed in one of the world’s top universities and an executive hotel, and has more than a dozen further pilots in progress.

The next version of Ario will have even better features and functionality for both iOS and Android users, with Alexa integration due for release imminently.

“Our goal is to help people feel better, sleep better, and be more productive every day,” says Hoskins.

“One day, all indoor lighting will be like Ario.”

Will you let Ario brighten up your day?

Ario is available to order online. £306.