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The 10 best health & wellness podcasts

By Laura Hill 8 August 2017
You need these wellness podcasts. Getty/RoBeDeRo.

Tune in and get inspired.

The Memo invites Laura Hill, editor a leading global wellness news site WellToDo to share her top 10 health-themed podcasts… 

Thanks to the rise of the smartphone, the humble podcast has been enjoying something of a renaissance.

From true crime to sports the medium is booming, with the health and wellness category carving out an arena in which to explore an abundance of rich and diverse issues.

A catalyst for some of the most informative and life-changing topics of all, health-focused podcasts covering everything from optimal performance to nutrition hacks have emerged as an effective and engaging way for people to gain actionable insights into boosting their wellbeing.

As a companion to your daily commute, a distraction during a lunchtime run or a pre-sleep relaxer, health and wellness podcasts can steer you onto a healthier and more fulfilling path.

So turn on, tune in and get inspired by our pick of the best health and wellness podcasts around…

1) Bulletproof Radio by Dave Asprey 


From the Founder of the brand synonymous with upgrading your coffee, Bulletproof radio explores the simplest things you can do to be better at everything.

Follow along as Dave Asprey and guests discuss themes such as ‘Biohacking Secrets For Success’, ‘Creating A Healthy Gut For Beautiful Skin’ and ‘Performing Like An Olympian’.

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2) The Nutrition Diva’s Quick & Dirty Tricks by Monica Reinegal


In 10 minutes or less, in this popular podcast dietitian Monica Reinegal serves up simple and effective ways to change your eating habits, while debunking common myths.

Getting real about topics including coconut milk, salty foods and eating late at night Reinegal ‘makes eating healthy a little bit easier – and a lot saner’.

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TED Fellow Zubaida Bai talks about her home birthing kit for mothers.

3) TedTalks Health By TED 


Building on the popularity of its globally successful TEDTalks Youtube channel, this innovative series zones in on all things wellness-related.

Featuring inspirational messages from expert doctors and researchers, it tackles subjects including medical breakthroughs, the power of laughter and what makes us get sick to deliver groundbreaking and thought-provoking ideas capable of transforming lives.

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4) The mindbodygreen Podcast by mindbodygreen


Join Jason Wachob, founder of mindbodygreen; America’s leading independent media platform dedicated to wellness, as he shares motivational interviews with the people shaping the wellness world.

For genuine stories that showcase the struggles behind the success stories, if you’re in need of some healthy motivation look no further.

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5) Let It Out by Katie Dalebout


Along with a diverse range of guests, each week life coach and author Katie Dalebout leads insightful and organic conversations on everything from mindfulness, feminism and holistic living to relationships, health and body image.

An outlet for the blogger to elevate the topics she’s passionate about, and encourage others to discover what they’re enthusiastic about too, this feel-good series is sure to add a bit of positivity into your life.

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6) That’s So Retrograde by Elizabeth Kott & Stephanie Simbari


If palm reading, crystal healing and vitamin drips are your thing, join Los Angeles-based comediennes Elizabeth Kott and Stephanie Simbari as they explore the latest Hollywood wellness trends.

Through interviewing gurus of all types, the duo get to the bottom of how you can find your best-self, with just the right amount of humour and wit to keep things relatable.

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7) The Fat-Burning Man Show by Abel James


This award-winning podcast takes a 360° approach to health.

Hosted by Abel James; a New York Times bestselling author, award-winning talk show host and serial entrepreneur, it aims to help people reclaim their health with cutting-edge science, outdoor workouts, and good food.

With straight-to-the-point advice and inspirational success stories, it cuts through the noise to help people improve their health in a way that’s honest, fun, and sustainable.

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8) Radio Headspace by Headspace

@Headspace ‏

This informative series offers practical advice on topics such as mindful eating, boosting self-esteem and avoiding procrastination, interspersed with inspiring stories from astronauts through to scientists explaining why our minds work the way they do.

For quick and easy changes you can implement into your own life, this does the job.

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9) The Jillian Michaels Show by Jillian Michaels


In this series, America’s favourite fitness guru shares her knowledge on jump starting a fitness routine, defining fitness goals and fat fighting foods.

A humorous, informative and encouraging take on getting fit and healthy, here Michaels’ switches up her usual style of tough love to provide listeners with the tools they need to find health and happiness in all areas of their lives.

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10) The Tim Ferriss Show by Tim Ferriss


In this off-the-wall show, self-experimenter Tim Ferriss deconstructs world-class performers from eclectic areas including investing, chess and pro sports, to discover the tools, tactics, and tricks they use to excel in all areas of life.

With past guests including Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jamie Foxx, Edward Norton and Tony Robbins sharing their favourite books, morning routines, exercise habits and time-management tricks, it’s easy to see why this podcast has been selected as “Best of iTunes” for three years running.

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