Ugh, Arcade Fire’s new album’s on a £79 fidget spinner USB

By Kitty Knowles 1 August 2017
Images: Getty/filadendron.

The dire state of music in 2017.

Purists will always still release a copy of their latest album on vinyl. But in 2017, things are getting a little weird.

Just last month British rockers Radiohead included a throwback ‘mix-tape’ cassette in their OK Computer reissue box set (we get it, tapes are now retro).

But Canadian indie outfit Arcade Fire just surprised us by going full-speed the other way.

The band’s newest album isn’t just available on a USB stick.

It’s on a fidget spinner USB stick.

Fidget spinner or Spotify?

If you’ve somehow escaped them, fidget spinners are the toy of 2017 (although exactly how good a ‘toy’ they are is dubious).

But trust us, for some reason, they’re the holy grail of knick-knacks for every child and teen – and a fair few addicted adults too.

There couldn’t be a more ‘now’ format for music. But in equal measures, there couldn’t be a more ridiculous one.

This is especially the case as each stick will set you back £79/$105. That’s £72 premium more than the cassette edition, £69 more than the CD, and £61 more than vinyl.

In the modern age, there’s also of course the completely free option of streaming Arcade Fire’s latest offering on Spotify.

Why so weird?

Arguably it’s the rise of streaming that’s forcing bands to go greater lengths to find more ‘imaginative’ products that people will actually shell out for.

If that’s the case, it’s a trick that’s working:

The Arcade Fire fidget spinner has already sold out.

But given that Arcade Fire has a history of pranks, perhaps it’s just a case of seeing how far they can stretch their fans.

Otherwise what’s next? Musical Monzo cards, or air purifiers, or smart watches?

Just because bands can, doesn’t mean they should…