The Memo’s Dyson Summer Giveaway winner is…

By Oliver Smith 17 July 2017
Image: Getty/martin-dm

Our thanks to all the readers who took part.

Hundreds of our readers have spent the last three weeks feverishly competing in The Memo’s Dyson Summer Giveaway.

By introducing friends to The Daily Memo newsletter for the first time, thousands of readers took part to win a Dyson Pure Hot+Cold Link air purifier.

Today it’s our pleasure to name Guillermo Vigil the winner.

Vigil has been a proud Memo reader since April 2015, before we had even ‘officially’ launched.

He had no reservation recommending The Daily Memo to friends, colleagues and family members because, as he puts it:

“It is one of the few daily emails I try to read everyday to see if I missed out on anything.”

When he’s not reading The Memo, Vigil is the founder and CEO of Socialance, an online community of freelancers that is currently in private beta.

Our thanks to Vigil and to everyone who’s taken part over the last three weeks.