Get all your wedding photos instantly with this app

By Alex Wood 14 July 2017
image credit: Paul Clarke.

The ultimate wedding app.

No one likes an unexpected intimate selfie, especially at a wedding.

That was my first concern when I came across Veri, the ultimate app for wedding photos.

But it turned out to be one of the smartest apps I’ve seen.

The idea is simple – the professional event photos are going to be brilliant, but what about the hundreds, even thousands of pictures being taken by your wedding guests on their smartphones?

You can make a hashtag, or a Facebook group, or just nag your friends and family to share their pics after the big day. But none of these are simple and just end up annoying your nearest and dearest.

I was sceptical at first – but Veri solves all of these problems and then some.

Getting started is straightforward. Once you’ve entered the date of your big day, the next step is inviting your guests to download the app for themselves.

Veri’s has one feature that sets it apart from the competition. Once your guests are set up and your wedding has started, every single picture taken on their smartphones is automatically shared with everyone invited.

There’s no need to ‘share’ the pics or use a special hashtag – they just take pictures as normal using the camera app on their iPhone or Android.

It’s that simplicity that makes all the difference – you set it up and forget about it. It means you get beautiful pictures like this:

The downside

But be prepared for some people to HATE it – and this disclaimer I had to share with my guests explains before my wedding explains why:

Please note – literally every picture you take during the wedding will be uploaded and visible to other guests, so think before you snap – we don’t need to spell it out to you…

Interestingly it was my most-tech savvy and selfie trigger happy friends who were the most anxious about Veri’s ‘auto-sharing’ feature.

Guests get a notification as soon as a picture is uploaded and can opt to pause it at any time and upload pictures manually later, but the mere possibility of an intimate selfie slipping through the net was enough to put some off.

The little touches

Every wedding is unique, and the founders behind Veri have put a lot of effort into making sure everything is covered. No mobile reception at your venue? No problem, the pictures get uploaded later as soon as you’ve got a signal.

And the way the app communicated with my guests was spot on – from reminding them to download it and get set up (but not too many times) to sending them text messages at the start and end of the event to remind them that auto-sharing was active.

One unexpected surprise was how much fun Veri was during the wedding. We got to see selfies of people on their way down to the venue, including this beauty from team Memo:

It also meant we got some ‘behind-the-scenes’ shots like this one from the hot tubs in the woods:

Veri isn’t a replacement for a wedding photographer. And it doesn’t pretend to be.

But for just £97, a mere blip compared to the cost of most weddings, it offers an ‘idiot-proof’ way to see more of your big day. Yes, you can make a hashtag or create a clunky sharing system, but nothing beats this app in terms of simplicity and thoughtful design.

At our wedding, Veri captured over 500 pictures and videos that we might not have ever seen.

How can you put a price on that?