Hey lazybones – fancy a squat on The Chairless Chair?

By Kitty Knowles 12 July 2017

Because, sitting.

Do you ever get that feeling that you need to sit down? Now. Like, right now.

You don’t want to walk three metres back to your desk, or cross the desert that is the road to a bench. You just want to settle your booty onto a seat. In an instant.

Well lazybones, your prayers have just been answered.

There’s a new chair – the “Chairless Chair” – and it lets you sit anywhere. No walking necessary.

The Chairless Chair

Two European businesses – Germany’s Noonee, and Switzerland’s Sapetti – are behind to unusual ‘wearable’ device.

Strapped to the wearer’s legs, it acts like a kind of exoskeleton that locks with a button at the top of the wearer’s thigh.

The companies say their chair is designed to make employees who stand a lot feel more comfortable, be more productive, and less prone to injury.

Production line workers could sit down as and when they need.

“I’ve always wanted to leave something that would help people,” says inventor of the Chairless Chair, Keith Gunura, “or at least change the world in a small way.”

A good idea?

Now a number of companies have spent years pioneering exoskeleton technology, making it lighter, smarter, and cheaper.

And for many, the aim has been an inspiring one, to help people with disabilities to walk again.

However the benefits of the Chairless Chair aren’t totally clear cut. For starters, the price hasn’t yet been disclosed, but you can bet it costs more than the plastic-foam furniture in your office break room.

What’s more, it could easily be used as a tool to deny workers proper breaks – because why go to the tea room when your boss knows you could just take ‘a little rest’ at your station.

Fancy one yourself?

More broadly, we don’t recommend using the Chairless Chair in your real life – unless you want a future where the ‘floaty chairs’ made famous in Disney’s hit film WALL-E are a reality.

Studies have shown we don’t like standing if we don’t have to. Even if it’s better for our health.

There’s an obesity epidemic in the West. So, do we really need to sit down more?

Yes, the ‘chairless chair’ lets you sit anywhere. But how does that sit with you?

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