Cards Against Humanity, now in pink “for her”

By Kitty Knowles 12 July 2017

Are you a woman? The new Cards Against Humanity is pink and pricier. Hoorah!

Cards Against Humanity is the most un-PC game on the planet.

If you’ve not played it, the premise is simple: one card has a blank in a sentence – and you fill it with a phrase from a card in your hand. The funniest answer wins.

All while pushing the boundaries of taste with distinctively tongue-in-cheek humour.

Social satire

Now, the hugely popular game – which started life as a free printable internet download – has taken its social satire a step further.

A new version of the “party game for horrible people” has just been launched for women.

It’s exactly the same as the regular $25 pack, but it’s wrapped in pink and costs $5 more.

It’s “there for you when you need a good cry,” say the Cards Against Humanity team.

“Pairs nicely with a glass of chilled white wine.”

“We decided that hey, it’s 2017, it’s time for women to have a spot at the table,” says Cards Against Humanity community director Jenn Bane.

“It’s trendy, stylish, and easy to understand. And it’s pink.”


Ladies, you guessed it, the stunt is a comment on the so-called ‘pink tax’ that pushes up the price on female versions of everyday toiletries and sits on top of ‘luxuries’ like tampons.

Yes, it’s a marketing ploy, but surely not one women will go for? Like Bane says:

“Women don’t fall for gimmicks, especially not gimmicks as stupid as this one.”

Cards Against Humanity however, has proved hugely successful at making money from ‘stupid’ ideas – having previously raised $71,145 selling ‘nothing’, and $100,000 to dig a hole for no reason.

What’s more its profits go to smart causes – in this case Emily’s List, which supports the election of more women into public office in the US.

(The company’s previously fundraised for the educational fund Donors Choose and the Sunlight Foundation, which advocates for open government).

Will you ‘treat yourself’?

Is all this enough to convince you to buy a pack? Even with the added ‘pink tax’?

Of course, because you’re worth it.

As the company points out:

“It’s adorable. It’s cute. Self-care. Take time for yourself. Chia bowl.”

Still not convinced? Feel “confident, comfortable and in control” with the Cards Against Humanity ‘Period Pack‘ instead…

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