Time Travel: Curve’s new card trick will save your bacon

By Oliver Smith 4 July 2017

Back to the future.

We’ve all done it. You go to book that fantastic summer holiday, the expensive one you’ve been looking forward to, before paying with the wrong bank card.

Your debit card instead of your credit card? Welcome to your overdraft.

Your work card instead of your personal one? Have fun with the finance department.

Basically paying with the wrong card is a massive headache, if only you could go back in time and do the right thing…

Now, you can.

Financial time travel

Curve is the smart card which lets you combine all your bank cards into one, that we tried out last year.

You simply add all your cards via a mobile app, tap the one you want to use, then pay with Curve and your correct bank card will be charged.

Today they’re adding ‘Go Back in Time’ – the ability to retroactively change the card you paid with, up to 14 days after you paid for something.

“It’s all about eliminating that stress and giving people a huge amount of confidence that, as long as they’re spending with Curve, they’re spending on the right card,” Arthur Leung, product lead at Curve, told The Memo.

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Great minds

There’s a load of technical wizardry that’s gone into Curve’s new ‘Go Back in Time’ feature, but you don’t need to know about that, because it just works.

No more wiring money between accounts, no more missed credit card loyalty points, and no more fees because you paid with the wrong card.

Today Curve’s innovation joins the likes of Monzo’s instant push receipts, Starling’s lack of currency fees and Splitwise’s bill-splitting magic as pioneering features that are saving us all time and money.

Welcome to the banks of the future.