9 gadgets to crown you the camping champion

By Lou Boyd 16 June 2017
Image: Getty/pixelfit.

Natural showering, clever charging and sleeping outdoors in style.

Oh the great outdoors.

There is no greater joy in life than sleeping in the wild, with the stars above you and no traffic around for miles. While we spend thousands each year on jetting off to boutique destinations, the best of times can be had here in the UK, with a group of your mates and a quiet spot of countryside.

Camping has come on leaps and bounds in the last decade, once seen as an uncomfortable (and usually rainy) weekend away in the cold, it can now be incredibly easy and comfortable thanks to the latest tech.

Millions has been spent developing gadgets to keep your body warm, your electronics charged and your experience outside good fun.

Here are 9 of our best picks for camping this summer:

Photo: Varta

1) Varta Wireless Power Pack

When everyone in your camping group has a different make of phone, it can be pretty annoying to carry several portable chargers around with you between all your camping locations.

The Varta wireless power pack therefore, has made it possible to carry only one charger that works for all phones, without even having to pack cables.

This power pack uses wireless power to charge up your phone battery when the device is placed on top and updates you on levels through its blue LED lights. If you’re going on an extra long trip, a recharging pack is also available to give the power pack a boost.

Never be without your mobile again!

£18.99 via Fruugo.

Photo: Tentsile

2) Tentsile

As company origin stories go, this product has one of the best.

Tentstile was thought up in the mind of a 7 year old boy called Alex, after he saw Ewoks living in the trees of a Star Wars movie. Now, decades later, Alex has launched Tenstile, a range of lightweight and portable treehouses.

The Stingray tent is made to float between three trees and has three separate compartment rooms inside. Made of 70D PU coated waterproof polyester, the Stingray keeps you up and away from insects, snakes and other creepy crawlies that you might attract during the night.

£504.41 via Tentsile.

Photo: Lifestraw

3) Lifestraw

Not only is this an amazing camping gadget for when you’re caught short without access to any clean water on a trip, it’s also a revolutionary invention for many people all over the world.

The Lifestraw allows you to drink any water around you, from rivers to puddles, and removes 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria, including E. coli and salmonella, to make it safe to drink.

Lifestraw’s filtering system is all contained within the straw and needs no electricity or battery power, making it an accessible gadget to anyone on the planet.

As well as providing filtration systems to communities who need them the most, the company is currently working with a fund to get clean water to one million more children across the globe. Buy a straw for your next camping trip and contribute to that goal.

£26.95 via Lifestraw.

Photo: Minispresso

4) Minipresso Espresso Machine

All coffee lovers know that even if you’re sleeping in a field, there’s nothing quite like real fresh espresso in the morning to get you going.

Up until now, we’ve had to make do with drinking instant coffee when camping out overnight, but The Minispresso has changed that forever.

This hand pressed espresso machine fits into your backpack and uses the same Nespresso coffee pods as your machine at home.

One of the only portable coffee machines to not use compressed air or electricity, it works through its internal semi-automatic piston unlocking from its carrying position, with small quantities of water injected until smooth espresso is finally extracted.

£49.95 via BearandBear.

Photo: Festive Lights

5) Festive Lights Mobile Solar System

The two things that people forget most often when going away on a camping holiday are lights and charging accessories.

While they’re both seemingly unimportant during the first day, when the sun goes down and you find yourself in the dark with only 8% battery remaining on your phone, they become the most important things at camp.

This solar system provides you with both charging and light with a system that take away all the fear that you’ll run out halfway through the trip. Place the panel in the sun in the daytime and hang the large lights off your tent and when dusk comes, your camp will light as needed.

The system can also simultaneously charge multiple electrical devices from its stored power while it’s lights up your night.

£39.95 via Festive Lights.

Photo: Nemo Equipment

6) Nemo Riff Sleeping Bag

While this may look like a standard sleeping bag, the Nemo Riff has invented a design that will change the experience of sleeping outdoors entirely, by supporting and reacting to your bodies movements to create ultimate comfort.

The strange spoon shape of this bag, with its added room at the elbows and knees, allows for side sleeping and all other unique sleeping positions, without losing heat or cushioning.

The integrated Thermo Gills react to your body for temperature management and the waterproof/breathable footbox protects against tent wall condensation to keep you totally dry. This sleeping bag has been designed in the most detail possible to make camping feel almost as comfortable as being at home in your own bed.

$419.95 via Nemo Equipment.

Photo: Camp Shower

7) Camp Solar Shower

This nifty and inexpensive little gadget provides you with warm water for showers, no matter where you are. The device, which can be hung off any tree, holds 40 litres of water at a time and uses solar power to heat its contents to a desirable temperature before use.

Fix the shower head above you and turn on the shower on for simple washing outside, then when empty, simply detach the shower head, fold it up and throw it in your backpack or back in the tent till you need it next.

£21.99 via  ManoMano.

Photo: Miti

8) Miti Outdoor Log Stove

Not only is this the most eco friendly way to cook food while camping out in the woods, it’s also the coolest looking stove we’ve ever come across.

The Miti consists of a metal plate and four metal holders, that make up a stove top. Find a log and split it into four, then place those four pieces underneath the plate to create a makeshift woodland stove. Put kindling, such as paper, in the gaps between the pieces of wood and set them alight.

You will soon have a naturally burning plate for your pans that uses no gas whatsoever and will burn away safely with no fear of starting a wider fire.

£46.95 via Wild Stoves.

9) Wide Path Camper

Love the idea of a camping holiday, but hate the idea of sleeping in a tent? Why not take your own two person tiny house along along and pull it with your bike.

The Wide Path Camper is a lightweight and mobile tiny house that can be pulled by any level of cyclist.

Fitted with solar power and big enough to sleep two people, it can also fold out at the end of the day to make dining space for four, folding back the following morning to a size small enough to be cycled by one.

$4290.00 via Wide Path Camper.