Rapid review

Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Pro – Everything your iPad isn’t

By Alex Wood 13 June 2017

The tablet that could replace your TV.

The short of it

Bored with your iPad? Looking for something a little bit different?

Lenovo’s latest tablet does all the basics and boasts a projector that can turn any room into an impressive 70” cinema complete with Dolby sound.

Why do I care?

If love you streaming Netflix and Amazon Prime like we do – you won’t find a better device this side of £500.

The good

You’re probably thinking the built-in projector sounds like one big gimmick. But you’re wrong – it’s a stroke of genius.

In our tests, we turned a holiday cottage into a pop-up cinema in minutes. And at work, we even pulled off an impromptu presentation by projecting onto the meeting room wall.

There’s an excellent kickstand (similar to the one you’ll find in Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4) and plenty of horsepower for getting work done on the move.

The bad

The software is the biggest letdown. You’ll find a dated version of the Android operating system (Marshmallow) and a lot of unexpected bugs.

Worst still for this video-centric tablet, many of our favourite video apps including Sky Q, Netflix and BBC iPlayer barely worked at all.

The Tab 3 Pro also boasts ‘Dolby Atmos’ sound. Unfortunately, it failed to live up to its promises.

We found the sound flat and tinny, much like every other tablet on the market.

Any more party tricks?

There sure are. This tablet’s battery is gigantic, like a thick book spine along the side of the tablet that also doubles as a hand grip.

Lenovo claims it will last an ambitious 18 hours, but if you use the projector, it will run down a lot faster.

The price

The Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Pro will set you back £399, roughly the same as latest iPad from Apple.

Our take

This tablet stands out for all the right reasons. If you can look beyond the software bugs, this one smart alternative worth investing in.