Look slick in these $30,000 vintage Apple trainers

By Kitty Knowles 9 June 2017

WANT: Retro kicks worthy of Steve Jobs.

If you bulk at the price of a new iPhone (£719), the price of actual Apple trainers will make your eyes pop out.

You can now attempt to buy a pair of Apple-branded kicks at auction – with bids starting at $15,000 (£11,590).

Sellers Heritage Auction, think the sneakers could go for even higher too, with an estimate sale of $30,000 (£23k).

Up for auction

Designed exclusively for Apple store employees in the early nineties, only two pairs of these ‘Computer Sneakers’ are thought to exist worldwide.

They sport thick ‘Airmax’-style soles, chunky tongues and the classic striped Apple desktop logo.

Each step in them must feel like a step back in time.

According to Business Insider, the same trainers were sold on eBay in 2007 for a just $79, but went missing before being found again at a garage sale in San Francisco.

Sadly, the trainers don’t fit anyone on The Memo‘s team.

Are your feet size nine and a half?

Let your Apple fan friends know…

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