The Money Maker Episode 6: the quiet insurance revolution

By The Memo 26 May 2017

"Calm down dear, it's just a revolution!"

Insurance is one of those things that is only ever interesting to you the when you realise you forget to get some and the ambulancia is just pulling into el departamento de accidentes y emergencia.

The rest of the time it’s something we all prefer not to think about.

But while we’re all ignoring it, the insurance industry is undergoing a quiet revolution.

After a slow start, a host of new businesses are thinking of ways to use software to make the cover we buy more effective – in fact nearly 200 NEW brands have sprung up in the last 18 months.

Some of the ideas – such as using your Apple Watch to keep your insurance company informed of your health – might raise your eyebrow.

The Memo‘s Editor-in-chief Alex Wood tells you everything you need to know in the new episode of our series The Money Maker.

The expert view

The Money Maker series is made possible by the kind support of EY, the leaders in tech law.

Tom Bull from EY shares his insight on how he thinks the insurance industry is about to be turned upside down.