Active Europeans top Fitbit’s list of fittest countries

By Kitty Knowles 18 May 2017
Fitbit's Fittest Countries list 2017. Pic: Getty/PeskyMonkey

But Brits sleep the most...

There are more than 23m active Fitbit users in the world, but how many actually meet their daily step target?

Around half of the brand’s 50m registered devices end up abandoned or stuffed in a draw.

Still, the global wearable company does collect a vast amount of data across 65 countries, giving it a fair indication of which countries are more active than others.

Just how ‘fit’ is yours?

Witness the fitness

It’s the Irish who have the most get up and go, according to information collected from Fitbit wearers in 2016 (specifically their average daily steps, active minutes, goals met, resting heart rate and duration of sleep).

Ireland tops Fitbit’s list of Fittest Countries with the UK in second, followed by Sweden, the Netherlands and Switzerland.

Apparently Europe’s got the right idea, with countries like Japan, South Africa and the US flagging way down the list.

Perhaps that’s why California-based Fitbit created a little gentle competition in the States, with separate data highlighting the fittest cities in the US: Duluth, Minnesota comes first, followed by fellow Mid West cities Appleton and Eau Claire (both in Wisconsin).

Step to it

In terms of individual steps, Spain tops the chart, followed by Switzerland, Hong Kong, Sweden and New Zealand.

But even Spanish Fitbit users don’t quite hit the company’s recommended 10,000 steps a day target, with an average of 9,023 steps a day. (Spanish fitties are also most active in terms of minutes, with an average of 27.9 minutes a day).

Brits come first for sleep

It’s the Brits, however, who come out on top when it comes to sleep, squeezing in an average of seven hours and 14 minutes of sleep a night.

Again European countries dominate the top 10, along with New Zealand.

If your country isn’t in the top 10 for sleep, perhaps it’s time to take a nap…

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