App design & vlogging for modern Girlguiding badges

By Kitty Knowles 18 May 2017
Girlguides. Pic: The Girlguiding blog.

There's even an entrepreneurship badge on the cards. Hoorah!

Getting the ‘Camper’, ‘First Aid’, or ‘Water Safety’ badge is a great way to learn about outdoor survival. But today, GirlGuides are calling for a new set of digital survival skills.

Vlogging, app design, and animation are among new badges proposed to be brought out next year.

There could even be a badge for entrepreneurship – how great is that?

Guiding fit for modern girls

The GirlGuiding movement – which includes Brownies and Rainbows – has shaped young minds for more than 100 years: its mission – to equip girls with the skills and knowledge they need.

Yes, there are still badges in craft and cooking, but badges have always evolved to reflect the times.

In 1912 there was a badge for air mechanic skills, the 1920s saw badges for architecture, and the 1930s brought an electricians’ skills badge. A public speaking badge came in the 1960s.

Newer additions include everything from circus skills to party planning, to form a roster of 45 badges that span science, sports, film, health, music, theatre, religion and travel.

21st century awards

The new shake-up has seen some wonderful ideas put forward by the 15,000 girls consulted so far.

In addition to digital badges, the guides are taking on gender stereotypes with badges suggested for DIY and furniture upcycling, archaeology, and space. Giving girls a voice is also key with suggestions around the themes of voting and speaking out.

Proposed badges for resilience and self-care address the importance of good mental health.

All new badges, which will be brought in in 2017, will fit into six revised themes: skills, adventures, health, taking action, self-expression and self-knowledge, marking “the biggest investment in girls’ futures outside the school system in the UK”.

We are so pleased to see girls proactively asking to explore digital fields early – and showing they can do anything their males peers can do.

Girlguides could well help produce the creative digital entrepreneurs of the future.

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