Tesco is taking the fear out of online shopping for ‘free from’ eaters

By Oliver Smith 16 May 2017
Image: Getty/ sergeyryzhov.

A new partnership with Spoon Guru is to thank.

Living with a lactose-free, dairy-free or gluten-free diet isn’t easy at the best of times, but those hardships are compounded if you’re hoping to do any online shopping.

You’re left clicking on every single item you buy, checking whether it fits with your food intolerances, allergies or specific dietary needs.

And things get even harder and more confusing for those living with non-traditional diets, like the ovo-vegetarians of the world (vegetarians who eat eggs, but not dairy products).

Now Tesco has created a better way.

Food shopping guru

Working with smart food group Spoon Guru, Tesco is flipping the model by letting anyone filter their online food searches based on diet requirements like lactose or nut-free, or vegetarian, vegan, low fat, and low salt.

Spoon Guru’s CEO Markus Stripf says over half of UK adults followed a diet last year – but so far online supermarkets have only taken baby steps towards supporting them.

“Whether due to a lifestyle choice, allergies or intolerances, Britain’s dietary needs are vast and using technology like Spoon Guru, retailers can make shopping much simpler, easier and a more pleasurable experience.”

Tesco’s mobile app will gain the ability to filter based on specific diets next week, with Tesco’s entire online shopping site getting the feature in the summer.

Great news for fuss-pots everywhere.