Concerned about your investments? It’s time to set up Trump alerts

By Oliver Smith 16 May 2017
Image: Jaap Arriens/NurPhoto via Getty Images.

The President has become a unique stock market phenomenon.

If you dabbled in the stock market it used to be only shock profit warnings and corporate disasters which you had to worry about.

But in the last six months, a new terrifying spectre has arisen, sending stock prices tumbling and investors into a frenzy.

Donald Trump and his tweets.

Top Trumps

In December Trump tweeted about aerospace group Lockheed Martin sending share prices tumbling by 5%.

Then in January, he turned his attention to Toyota criticising the group’s plan to build cars in Mexico, similarly wiping millions off the value of the company.


For anyone invested in these companies, or any other companies like them, this is surely a financially terrifying experience.

But there’s another interesting phenomenon, many of the companies Trump mentions go on to recover and eventually outperform their peers.

Apple is regularly in Trump’s firing line, but its share price has consistently recovered and then increased some, similarly Lockheed Martin’s shares are up over 6% since Trump’s attack.

So what’s a Trump-fearing (or Trump-loving) investor to do?

Luckily for investors, the answer may be, download this app.

Meet LikeFolio

LikeFolio is a simple iPhone app that does one thing very well, monitoring Trump’s tweets.

Should the President awake in the middle of the night to launch a devastating 140 character rant about Gap or Samsung or Ford, LikeFolio will jump to your rescue, notifying you as soon as it begins.

Plus the app goes even further, because Trump isn’t the only celeb who’s been shown to have market-moving Twitter powers.

Tesla’s Elon Musk, Warren Buffet and CNBC’s Jim Cramer are all ones to watch on social media when it comes to investing, with the power to make or break a company’s share price, and LikeFolio can monitor them all.

You can even set up custom alerts based on Twitter accounts that you think could affect your investments.

So you can finally sleep well without worrying that a Trump tweetstorm will ruin your day.

LikeFolio is available for both iOS and Android.