This flat pack bike helmet folds neatly away – & Andy Murray loves it

By Kitty Knowles 15 May 2017

Morpher has just been backed by Andy Murray.

Cycling brings a wonderful feeling of freedom, but there’s nothing freeing about lugging a bulky helmet about.

The next time you leave your bike safely locked up however, why not simply fold your precious headgear away?

Morpher is the world’s first flat-pack cycle helmet – and it’s just been backed by Andy Murray.

Morpher is a product that the modern cyclist should own – one that has been dutifully perfected by an award-winning inventor,” said the British tennis star.

Fantastic folding magic

Having survived a near-deadly bike crash himself, Jeffrey Woolf OBE founded Morpher to try to get more cyclists wearing helmets.

The two-time British Inventor of the Year learned that 83% of cyclists don’t wear a helmet because they are too cumbersome to carry, and so developed Morpher as a portable alternative.

An initial funding campaign on Indiegogo in 2013 was massively oversubscribed, and now the company has found further success on Seedrs raising over £659,000 from almost 400 investors – including Andy Murray.

“So many members of our community have backed Morpher, all of whom will play a part in our future success but to have a sporting hero’s endorsement is incredibly special,” said Woolf.

Over 4000 Morpher helmets have already been sold worldwide, and the latest funding round will see the company branch into other areas including snow and motor sports.

The wider trend

It’s not the first time we’ve seen entrepreneurs innovating cycle safety.

Last year New Yorker Isis Shiffer took home a James Dyson Award for her paper EcoHelmet – a cheap collapsible cycling helmet designed to protect those using city bike sharing schemes.

Likewise the light-up Lumos helmet, a winner of the Designs of the Year Awards 2017, is making roads safer with in-built indicators that instinctively illuminate as you brake and turn.

Even trucks and buses are being fitted with smart sensor technology to give them greater awareness of nearby cyclists.

The world of cycling is smartening up – we’ve no doubt it will save lives.