France’s floating SeaBubbles are speeding into reality

By Oliver Smith 11 May 2017
Image: SeaBubbles.

We're one step closer to jetting around on these fantastic floating pods.

A Parisian tech firm says it’s one step closer to launching what it thinks will be the transport of the future: electric boats.

We took a look at SeaBubbles‘ mission last year: to transform transportation in Paris with an environmentally-friendly alternative to cars and buses that clog the capital’s streets.

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Image: SeaBubbles.

Today SeaBubbles took the wraps off its latest prototype and revealed it’s raised an additional €10m to turn its water-faring dream into reality.

Later this year the first production SeaBubbles will be launched and five will be put into operation in Paris where they’ll ferry people around at speeds of up to 30km/h.

The design has changed in the last six months, into something a little less James Bond-esque; but it looks like it’s coming along swimmingly.