Drum pods – the bangin’ new office trend

By Kitty Knowles 18 April 2017

Smashing stuff.

With bean bags, office gyms, and even sleep pods, smart bosses are on a mission to encourage staff to ‘chillax’ at work.

But there’s a new mindful practise in town – for people who march to the beat of their own drum.

‘Reset pods’ are here – and we think they’re smashing.

Hit ‘reset’

Unveiled at Milan design week, so-called ‘Reset Pods’ are here to help workers beat stress – and they could save employers millions in sick leave.

Lucky workers can use the pods to let their rage loose on a drum set, or sing their hearts out, without disturbing fellow colleagues. (Quieter types can also use the space to meditate or practise yoga).

“Pods for relaxation and intimacy techniques might be most effective for some: for others it could be smashing something, or playing with interactive light installations,” said Ben van Berkel, co-founder of architecture firm UNStudio, who designed the pods with Scape design agency.

Van Berkel says the team has already had interest from many big businesses (so keep your fingers crossed).

Savvy investment?

Workplace stress costs the British economy £6.5bn a year, as burned-out workers are forced to take more leave.

That’s why London’s leaders are keen to break the mould: TransferWise has an in-office sauna, Zoopla has a cinema room, and Innocent Drinks has a communal area modelled on a quaint British fair.

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Here at The Memo we regularly make the most of our MetroNaps sleep pod, which features soothing vibrations, mood lights and meditative tracks from Pzizz.

What we like about the Reset Pod is that they can be adapted by different offices for different kinds of calming activity.

“We’re not saying that pods alone can solve the problems of a stressful work environment, but they can help,” says van Berkel.

“In five to seven years the pods will become as commonplace as the coffee machine today.”

We love coffee, but might just love the Reset Pod more.