Your Aga is under attack

By Oliver Smith 13 April 2017
Photo by Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images

Mary Berry beware.

It’s the oven loved by Mary Berry, Nigella Lawson, and millions of countryside Brits – but your Aga is under attack.

Devious hackers can turn up the heat in countryside houses by switching Aga’s newest ovens on with a simple text message.

The latest Aga ovens can be heated up and turned off, a process that takes many hours, with a simple mobile app which sends a text message to the oven – a message that can be easily mimicked by hackers.

The exploit was discovered by security experts at Pen Test Partners, who warned it was just the latest ‘smart home’ attack they’ve seen, just last week they exposed a worrying security flaw in a range of sex toy cameras.

“All you have to do is simply send a text message to the Aga. We didn’t, but it would be trivial for less ethical culinary [hackers] to do so,” said Pen Test Partners.

Given the time Agas take to heat up, requiring huge amounts of energy, Pen Test Partners warns that such attacks wouldn’t just be annoying, they could be pretty expensive too.

Unfortunately Aga (the Swedish company) don’t seem too flummoxed by the news. Pen Test Partners struggled to even make contact with anyone at the firm.

“We tried Twitter, every email address we could find and then rang them up. No response to any of the messages we left.”

For now thousands of Agas remain at risk. Mary Berry beware.