Nearly half of us can’t mill our own corn anymore***

By Oliver Smith 13 April 2017
Image: Getty/Isaac74

***Just kidding, but seriously.

Terrifying headlines this morning warn luddite Brits are struggling to perform even the most basic household tasks, like wiring a plug or bleeding a radiator.

It’s news that threatens to leave millions of British radiators cold, lamps powerless, and homeowners helpless in this cold, dark future.

“Generation hopeless!” our friends at The Daily Mail labelled them.

Generation hopeless?

But seriously, the report from insurance company Aviva is akin to complaining why no one can correctly mangle wet washing anymore, why spinning looms are left unspun and washboard sales are plummeting.

The reality is that basic DIY knowledge don’t need to be retained in our heads anymore, instead Google or DIY helper apps like DAD are here to help at a moment’s notice.

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Yes 43% of the 2,000 people Aviva asked said that they didn’t know how to unscrew a plug to rewire the blue wire to neutral, brown to live and yellow and green to earth.

But I guarantee 100% of people asked – given 5 minutes and a smartphone – would have been able to find out the right answer.

We’re not generation hopeless, we’re generation Google.