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Google unveils gorgeous ‘Google vodka’

By Kitty Knowles 13 April 2017

Google Home isn't enough - Google vodka anyone?

Google, my how you’ve grown. Today, you’re oh-so much more than a search engine.

Calendar, Gmail, and Maps are just a few ways you shape our lives every day, and with Google Earth you’ve truly taken over the world.

But readers, listen up: if you thought the most exciting Google product launch of 2017 was the Google Home, you’re wrong.

The internet giant just found an itch we didn’t know needed scratching:

Google just launched its own ‘Google vodka’.

Google vodka?

Not satisfied with simply dominating our digital needs, the global goliath is now on a mission to mix up your martini.

The startup hub Google Campus Warsaw has this week launched its very own vodka brand – named Old Style Flavoured Vodka.

The chameleon company is known for adapting each of its offices to fit the spirit (sorry, not sorry) of their locations, and Google vodka it seems is the perfect nod to the history of the Polish capital.

Google Campus Warsaw is even located in the Koneser complex, once home to a vast vodka distillery.

Google on the rocks?

As you’d expect with any Google product, the boozy beverage comes dressed in slick minimal packaging.

Designed by Studio Redkroft, this features a low-key logo and product information silk-screen printed onto white, grey and yellow paper.

We have yet to spot anywhere you can purchase the unique gift online, but the promise of vodka is another great reason to visit Google in Warsaw.

Will you make your next one a ‘Google on the rocks’?