“I want a muslim woman to walk into a shop and feel like she’s welcome”

By Adam Westbrook 5 April 2017

Why the high street needs to embrace modest fashion

A little over a year ago, two British sisters launched a fashion website with a difference. – founded by Nafisa and Selina Bakkar – helps muslim women find clothes that fit the values of Islam while also being fashionable.

“[For] both men and women, it’s this idea of being modest in your behaviour, in how you carry yourself, in what you wear” says co-founder Nafisa Bakkar.

In the 12 months since the site has become a vibrant community for young muslims and the focus of calls on the mainstream fashion industry to become more diverse.

The Memo‘s Editor-in-chief Alex Wood sat down with Nafisa to talk about Amaliah’s mission and the rise of modest fashion.

“I had a personal struggle within my own muslim identity” she says “I don’t want another young girl to grow up having that.”