Money Maker Episode 4: What’s the best mobile banking app?

By Adam Westbrook 30 March 2017

Find out who won our Great British Mobile Banking Review for 2017.

The way we do our banking is changing – and fast.

Smartphones are rapidly becoming the only way people interact with their banks as more of us make payments, track our spending and manage our savings in a matter of swipes.

And the banks are upping their game, offering a range of new features to make banking as effortless as possible.

But how do you tell a good banking app from a bad one? Here at The Memo, we’ve been on a mission to find the best banking apps for three years with our Great British Mobile Banking Review.

Our senior reporter Oliver Smith has searched high and low for the banks offering the best service.

The winner might surprise you – find out who it is, in Episode 4 of The Money Maker.

Expert commentary from EY

The Money Maker series is made possible by the kind support of EY, the leaders in tech law.

Richard Goold from EY shares his insight on the rise of mobile banking apps and whether they’re something businesses will be able to take advantage of as well.