This Google-synced ‘Magic Calendar’ will look great on your wall

By Kitty Knowles 24 March 2017

The humble wall calendar gets a high-tech upgrade.

Do you still hang a calendar on your kitchen wall? Or do you store all your dates in apps from Apple, Microsoft, and Google?

Soon you won’t have to choose between the productive perks of digital, and the tactile attraction of physical.

The Magic Calendar has both.

This calendar is magic

Created by Japanese designer Kosho Tsuboi, the Magic Calendar looks like it’s made of paper, but is actually a subtle smart screen.

Part of Google’s Android Experiments program, it uses an ‘e-ink’ display (similar to that in your Kindle) to update automatically with entries in your (or anyone else’s) Google calendar apps.

With each individual’s activities shown in a distinctive bright colour – we can’t think of a lovelier way to stay up-to-date with the family’s digital diaries.

Fit for your family home?

We love the Magic Calendar because it effortless bridges the void between our physical and digital needs. (Thank goodness Google Calendar can be downloaded to any brand of smartphone).

If you want one you’ll have to wait a little longer though: it’s currently only in prototype stage.

Will you be hanging one on your wall?

Watch the Magic Calendar explainer video below – remember to turn on subtitles!