Now you can skip the queue for your next Big Mac

By Oliver Smith 16 March 2017

Fast-food is getting faster.

McDonald’s has always been a company determined to make things faster. Think “fast-food” on a Friday night and McDonald’s probably jumps to mind.

Now the fast-food giant is launching mobile ordering in the US, with plans to scrap that pesky queue for your Big Mac around the world.

Starbucks has led the queue-jumping trend, offering the ability to pre-order your fancy Frappuccino from your smartphone and quickly pick it up in-store.

In this pursuit for speed, what’s surprising is that McDonald’s has totally ignored the world of mobile ordering and queue-jumping, until now.

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Faster than fast

Yesterday it rolled out a new mobile ordering and payment app across 29 McDonald’s in California – with a further 51 restaurants in Washington joining the trial next week.

With just a few taps on your smartphone, your guilty pleasure will be ready to go.

If successful, the plan is to roll out the app to all 14,000 McDonald’s in the US by the end of 2017, along with 6,000 locations in Canada, the UK, France, Germany, Australia and China.

But McDonald’s will go even further than Starbucks to get your Big Mac ready.

By tracking your location McDonald’s will time your order so it’s freshly cooked on arrival, rather than Starbucks which often leaves Frappuccinos melting on the side if you get held up.

The final version of the app will also let you pick whether to eat-in, take-away or pickup from the drive-through, which McDonald’s says will let it create new lanes for pickup-only letting a restaurant serve another 20 cars an hour.

Starbucks may have pioneered mobile ordering and queue-jumping, but McDonald’s is taking this to the next level.

Your fast-food is about to get a lot faster.