Samsung Frame: Can you spot the wooden TV?

By Kitty Knowles 15 March 2017

There's a reason we all want the Samsung Frame TV.

TVs have always been ugly.

Yes, they’ve come a long way from their bulky boxy beginnings, but no amount of slimming or silver finish has successfully beautified them.

In part, this is because their big black blank screens have been an inescapable eyesore.

Until now.

The Samsung Frame

The newly unveiled Samsung Frame however, is really rather stunning.

Not because it looks like a piece of cutting-edge tech – quite the opposite. It’s because of its designed with an incredible chameleon ability to blend.

A collaboration with smart interior savant Yves Béhar, the Frame, disappears into your decor, displaying artwork when it’s off-duty.

It even has a sleek wooden frame: choose from black, white or wood veneer.

Art Mode

When on ‘Art Mode’, the Frame slides through over 100 artworks from the likes of New York-based photographer Todd Eberle, Italian minimalist Luisa Lambri, and Californian graffiti artist Barry McGee.

You can accept the selection, curated by serial arts entrepreneur Elise Van Middelem as is, or play at being curator yourself.

A brightness sensor measures the light in your living room to show off the images as best as possible, while movement sensors make sure the TV is only in action when your in the room.

A TV for modern times

The Frame is the last in a string of attempts by Samsung to boost its TVs’ aesthetic value: Béhar has already helped the company create a sleek curved TV, and last year it commissioned the sculpural Serif.

Given that today, we’re all on a mission to escape our screens, it’s great to see a TV that can hide its ugly side.

“The Frame redefines the notion of the TV at home, moving away from the shiny technological black box on the wall,” says Béhar. “It becomes part of our home and lifestyle—not just another consumer tech product.”

We can’t wait to invite the Frame into our lives.